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Growth and results through data-driven marketing

Social Zense is an award-winning agency specialising in digital advertising through social media, Google and Bing.

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While others create campaigns, we build conversion machines

Gain a steady flow of new customers

Through digital advertising on strategically chosen channels, we build sales funnels that systematically transform users from having never heard of you to becoming loyal, returning customers.

Maximised ad returns with data-driven optimisation

Using advanced, secure tracking techniques, we ensure data collection at every stage of the customer journey. With this data, we can continuously optimise campaigns for maximum return on every dollar spent.

Flexible solutions for everyone

We work with a wide range of businesses, organisations, associations and municipalities. Regardless of size and industry, we have a solution that fits your goals and needs.

Best in the industry for

Digital expertise

Strategic expertise

Business value

Effect for money


For a user to convert, they need to be taken through the natural purchasing journey. We do this through strategically targeted campaigns that collectively guide the user down the sales funnel.



In the first step, we create interest and awareness among your target audience.


The next step is to create engagement, trust and build a relationship.


Here, we encourage action, such as making a purchase, completing a booking or another goal.


Lastly, we maintain and strengthen the relationship with your existing customers so they convert again.

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