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Snapchat, a platform which is steadily growing among the younger and middle-aged target groups and offers media consumption in a fast-moving format.

How does it work?

Snapchat has developed an advanced advertising tool similar to Facebook (Meta) where we can target ads to users based on operating system, language, geographic location, interests and more. The competition to advertise is still low, which means a great opportunity for all types of businesses to be seen cost-effectively. Among other things, there is a great opportunity to create strong organic reach in combination with paid advertising by promoting Snapchat Filters. In this way, users can use a specially adapted filter in a certain location, which the user then spreads in their own channels.

Strategi EN - Social Zense

How we do it - our offer

We monitor, optimize and follow up on campaigns, strategies, audiences and ads on a daily basis. In regular weekly and monthly meetings we update you on the sales overview, brand awareness and other important goals that we decide to work towards.

By processing your entire customer journey we create relevance, returning and loyal customers at the same time as we continuously make your investment more efficient.


We help you to 


👉🏼 Increase sales (B2C)
👉🏼 Generate more leads (B2B)
👉🏼 Establish in new markets
👉🏼  Influence behavior
👉🏼 Establish strategy to sync with other platforms (PPC/TV/Print/Radio)👉🏼 Strategical improve digital activities

Also included


👉🏼 Weekly- and monthly reports
👉🏼 Direct contact with a project manager and a team of specialists
👉🏼 Recurrent weekly- and monthly meetings for follow-up and planning
👉🏼 Committed partner who works for you on a daily basis


Get a free analysis of your company

Get in touch with our digital specialists – we offer an free  ​​analysis of your digital presence that includes improvement opportunities and solid suggestions on how you can make your digital presence more efficient.

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Of the younger audience is using Snapchat instead of SMS
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Social Zense nominated for Agency of the Year

We can proudly announce that Social Zense has been nominated for Agency of the Year 2023. 
” – A clear receipt that the hard work that all employees at Social Zense do on a daily basis matches both the customers’ expectations and results”, Mattias Persson, CEO Social Zense.

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