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Reach your full potential with an ad analysis

Gain valuable insights and concrete optimization opportunities that help you maximize the impact of your marketing and invest smarter.

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Do you have the right strategy for success?

Digital marketing has the potential to elevate your company to new heights. But without the right insights and strategies, your investments won’t yield the desired effect. Therefore, it is critical to ensure you have the best conditions for success before continuing to invest in your marketing.

When you order an analysis, our specialists dive deep into your ad accounts to identify how you can generate better results and higher returns. We examine everything from overarching strategy down to details in segmentation.

The analysis is equally valuable for those managing marketing in-house and those using an agency seeking an evaluation of their work.

Get answers to questions such as

The analysis includes

Tracking and data

We check your current tracking and identify opportunities to collect more data and better insights.


We analyse your advertising, looking at everything from campaign setup and content to target audiences and KPIs.


We review how you can work more data-driven with campaign optimisation to improve your results.


We provide suggestions on how you can guide users through the customer journey to generate more conversions.

How it works

Step 1

You order the analysis by filling out the contact form. Please include business information and goals.

Step 2

One of our specialists contacts you to ask follow-up questions and get access to the material needed.

Step 3

We conduct an in-depth analysis and compile all insights into an action plan.

Step 4

During a meeting, we discuss how you can improve your results and achieve your goals.

4,950 SEK excluding VAT

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