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Digital advertising for growth and results

We help you reach your ideal target audience and convert users into loyal customers.

Are you an e-commerce business looking to increase your sales, a B2B company wanting to generate more and higher quality leads, or an organization aiming to create greater awareness?

We help you achieve your business goals through digital marketing on social media and search engines.

We assist you with

Increasing sales

Generating leads

Brand awareness

Public opinion

Market expansion

How we work with your digital marketing

Most users are not ready to convert the first time they see an ad. We first need to spark their interest, create engagement and build a relationship with them, before encouraging them to take action.

That’s why we use a Funnel Marketing model. This means that we combine campaigns with different objectives and content, which together guide the user through the natural buying journey – from awareness all the way to conversion.

The result is more conversions at a lower cost and more stable sales throughout the year.



In the first step, we create interest and awareness among your target audience.


The next step is to create engagement, trust and build a relationship.


Here, we encourage action, such as making a purchase, completing a booking or another goal.


Lastly, we maintain and strengthen the relationship with your existing customers so they convert again.

Reach your customers exactly where they are

With expertise in all social media channels and search engines, we can meet your target audience exactly where they are. It is also possible to establish synergies between different platforms to match your natural customer journey.

We hold certified partnerships with all major channels such as Meta, Google, and TikTok. This ensures that we, as a provider, possess the expertise that customers should expect. Additionally, it offers advantages like fast support, insights into new developments and training directly from the platforms.

A selection of our clients

Why Social Zense?

Expertise in digital advertising

Today's advanced advertising tools, combined with your own user data, unlock a world of possibilities. With our deep expertise, we fully utilise these to maximise results and profitability.

A uniquely tailored solution

Together, we develop an effective strategy uniquely designed for your business, target audience and objectives. We offer flexible, adaptable arrangements to suit both small and large companies and budgets.

A transparent and proactive partnership

Your team of Performance Marketers works daily on your accounts and will feel like an extension of your own business rather than an external agency.

What our clients say about us

Hand over your digital marketing to us

When you choose Social Zense, you get a team of specialised Performance Marketers who create, optimise and monitor campaigns, strategy, target audiences and ads on a daily basis.

In regular weekly meetings, we update you as a client on the status of sales, brand awareness and other important objectives we have jointly set to work towards. Of course, we are also available every day via phone and Slack.

How we get started

Step 1

Based on your conditions, needs and goals, we develop a customised plan for your business.

Step 2

We implement tracking via both cookies and server to ensure maximum data collection in compliance with current regulations.

Step 3

During a deep-dive meeting, we delve into everything related to your business and set measurable goals.

Step 4

We are up and running! Your team works daily on your accounts to analyse and optimise results. You talk via Slack and in weekly meetings.

Let’s create results together

Fill out the form and one of our digital specialists will contact you. You can also reach us directly at +468 – 30 40 82 or send an email to