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Our partners

Social Zense’s vision is not to be a full-service agency.

Instead, we believe in partnerships with competent industry colleagues who share the same vision of business, engagement and results.

Together, we complement and strengthen each other’s offerings.


We hold certified partnerships with all major advertising channels. This ensures that we, as a provider, possess the right expertise. Additionally, it offers benefits such as fast support and training directly from the platforms.


Target high-intent audiences searching for exactly what you offer.


Reach a wider audience and build brand awareness with targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.


TikTok is the fastest-expanding channel and an explosive growth medium for creative video campaigns.


LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is ideal for B2B marketing and lead generation.

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing is a growing search platform that effectively broadens your web reach at lower click costs.


The visual discovery platform, Pinterest, is perfect for creating recognition through inspiring content.


With our network of handpicked and proven specialist agencies, we can offer support beyond our core competencies when needed.


Kolossal is a design and communications agency focused on brand identity and expressive concepts.

Kolossal Content

Kolossal Content creates content that engages, inspires and converts.

Kolossal Digital

Combines technology and design for websites and e-commerce solutions.

Visioon Studio

Visioon Studio builds custom websites focused on creating brand trust and attracting more customers.


Umica creates content for social media och offers services in PR, event and project management.

Digital services

We collaborate with several leading players in tech and data to strengthen and develop our offerings.


Stape offers high-class, automatically scalable servers in the EU for server-side tracking.

Cookie Information

The consent platform, Cookie Information, enables data collection in compliance with current laws.


The solution for organising live shopping events across multiple channels.

Sports clubs

We value health and well-being and strongly believe in the power of community. Therefore, we are proud to collaborate with several major sports clubs around the country.

IFK Värnamo

IFK Värnamo is a football club with over 100 years of history. The men’s team plays in Allsvenskan and the women’s team in Division 1.

Rospiggarna Speedway

Rospiggarna is a Swedish speedway club from Hallstavik. The association was founded in 1930 and currently competes in the Elite League.

Gula Väggen

Gula Väggen organises supporter experiences during competitions with Sweden’s national teams.


By supporting charitable organisations, we contribute to a better and more inclusive society.

Suicide Zero

Suicide Zero is a non-profit organisation working to reduce suicides in Sweden.

The Crown Princess Couple’s Foundation

Promotes good health for children and young people.

Bara Vanlig

Bara Vanlig offers running groups around the country for people with disabilities.

The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired

Aims to improve the quality of life for people with visual impairments.

Red Cross

The Red Cross helps people in crisis through disaster relief, healthcare and humanitarian efforts.

Swedish Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons

Works to eliminate nuclear weapons and promote global peace.

Collaborate with us

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