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Advanced tracking for higher ad return

With our tracking techniques, we can ensure maximum data collection with measurability up to 97%. This means more insights, better results and lower costs.

Data is the key to success

Tracking means collecting data about users who visit your website and interact with your ads. With tracking, we can map out the steps that lead to a conversion and identify where users drop off in the process.

This way, we can create a deep understanding of your customers’ behavior patterns, optimise the website to streamline the buying journey and get more users to convert.

Data also allows us to identify which target groups are most likely to convert and target advertising towards them. More accurate advertising leads to a higher conversion rate and a lower cost per conversion.

The more data we collect, the better basis we have for optimising advertising and maximizing the return on every dollar spent.

How we work with tracking

The most common type of tracking is cookie tracking. As cookies are phased out, more people choose to opt out and the use of ad blockers increases, you lose the ability to track events via cookies to a greater extent.

This means that with cookie tracking, you can only collect around 40% of the data available on your website.

To avoid missing out on the remaining 60% of valuable insights, you can complement with server-side tracking. Here, tracking is implemented on a dedicated server that collects anonymous, event-based data with measurability up to 97%.

We recommend implementing both cookie tracking and server-side tracking before investing in paid marketing.

Our tracking methods allow you to

Generate valuable insights into what performs well

Make smart decisions based on data and invest wisely

Improve platform learning for more cost-effective advertising

Target the right message to the right user, on the right platform

Gain a deep understanding of your target audiences

Optimise your website to streamline the customer journey and increase conversions

Fixed price implementation

Over the years, we have carried out hundreds of implementations for different types of companies. We offer fixed prices for companies with all kinds of business goals – e-commerce, B2B and everything in between.

Your fixed price includes our assistance throughout the whole process, from preliminary analysis and implementation to onboarding and support.

How it works

Analysis and structure

We conduct an analysis of your customer journey and propose which events should be measured.

Technical implementation

We implement tracking for your selected channels and ensure correct, comprehensive data collection.

Onboarding with you

We guide you through the setup, how to track the data and how to use it to optimise results.

Support and assistance

We are always available for any questions after onboarding. You will retain the same team and point of contact.

What our clients say about us

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